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Funny, emotional, fantasy, slice of life… well made ad films can press the right emotional buttons to create engagement with your brand. They create recall for your brand and product in the clutter that surrounds consumers. Getting viral in the medical context is undesirable. But in the digital world, companies, organizations and even personalities want to get viral on social media. Is your brand effective or not? Virality gives you the answer. And it isn’t easy to become viral and be shared, liked and commented on. The posted content demands a certain quality to catch on like wildfire. Welcome to Video marketing which today, is a very effective and inexpensive way to promote a brand.

Why Us?

Our on-board script writers dish out a script in line with the brief provided and the communication objective. We have on our panel, known and established directors who suggest their treatment to the script on the basis of how they have visualised the film. Once the client is in agreement with the treatment, we get into production and deliver the film within the stipulated time. The value our videos generate outweighs cost involved in production. Videos aid and enhance brand recognition. Online videos have an inherent feature to get viral. The films that we make, be it for advertising, marketing or, give you the desired edge they need. Approach that houses best-in-breed creatives to create that advert for you that will take your brand to places.

Why ad films/Videos?

“We see visuals before we read words”. The child can see and recognize much before it can speak. Videos offer a visual communication to build an emotional connect with the people. When compared to an image and text, video wins hands down because the amount of information it can display in a second outweighs the amount of information that is read.